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Hello! We’re Jill and Gretchen Rode. When we met eight years ago, we never imagined that today we’d be married for six years and living happily in Roseville, Minnesota with our rescue pup, Petunia. We’re a unique family – two women, two Lutheran pastors, one Asian and one white, one adopted and one raised by her birth parents. With our unique family we know that, more than anything, love is what makes a family!

We are a family that loves an adventure and we’re so excited that our next adventure is adoption. As godparents to five little ones and aunties to six, we cannot wait to be parents ourselves. We’ve got a growing collection of children’s books ready to go. Our families are eager to welcome a new Rode.  And Petunia, our pup, is ready to befriend any child who will share snacks with her.

Adoption has always been a dream of ours. From Jill’s own adoption story to Gretchen’s lifelong hope of becoming a mother, the possibility of growing our family through adoption fills us with excitement and joy.

Are you or someone you know looking to make an adoption plan? We’d love to connect with you  and learn more about you and what you’re hoping for in an adoption plan.

Thanks for visiting our website! We hope that you find all you are looking for on your journey.

♥ Jill & Gretchen (& Petunia)

Jill Rode

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