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Today is National Adoption Day. We celebrated by enjoying delicious food with friends at Bap & Chicken, a Korean fusion restaurant recently opened by a fellow Korean adoptee. What’s especially fun about this place is that it has an “Adoption Wall of Fame” where all adoptees (not just those of Korean descent) can have their photo taken and posted on the wall. After chowing down on an assortment of great food, we also made sure to pick up a couple stickers that said “Family: DNA not required.” If you live in the Twin Cities, please go check out Bap & Chicken!

Jill and Gretchen standing in front of the Adoption Wall of Fame.
Standing in front of the Adoption Wall of Fame

Today, on National Adoption Day, we’d like to highlight the importance of language. The language we use matters – around race, around gender identity and sexual orientation, around adoption, and well, around pretty much everything. The language we use tells a story of who we are, who we think matters, and who we hope to be.

When it comes to adoption, one of the most prevalent phrases you’re likely to hear is “giving up,” as in someone “giving up” their child for adoption. We’d like to be part of the movement that stops using this harmful terminology. We highly recommend you watch a brief 2-minute video that highlights why this is a problematic phrase. One phrase we’ll often use is that the birth parents are “making an adoption plan” for their child.

For other ways to talk about adoption, we’d encourage you to check out a great article in the Adoptive Families Magazine that emphasizes positive adoption language.

So, Happy National Adoption Day, everyone! Thank you for your love and support for not only us, but for any adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents who have made a birth plan in your lives.

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