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When Jill and I were deciding to adopt, we looked into Children’s Home Society/Lutheran Social Services (CHLSS) right away.  We had a good impression of CHLSS since Jill was adopted through LSS as a baby.   Adopting can be a long and emotional process, so it was important to us that we work with an organization that we believe in and trust.  The more we learned about the program at CHLSS, the more we knew it was the right place for us. 

What made us want to work with CHLSS?

  • Trust– CHS and LSS joined together in 2012 and both brought a lot of experience with adoptions throughout the years (they’ve both been around since the late 1800s!).  Besides offering adoption services, they offer pregnancy counseling to work with birth parents to help them through and in their decision to parent or make an adoption plan.  CHLSS connects birth parents with counselors and with other birth families who understand what they are going through.  There isn’t pressure to make a decision to make an adoption plan or to parent, the counselor works with birth parents to help them make the best decision for their own life.  We trust that CHLSS will help us to connect with a birth family/parent who will also be supported by their programs and who has decided that adoption is the best plan for them and their child. 
  • Support– CHLSS offers support groups and services throughout the adoption process.  To prepare us for adoption, we had to take online classes and participate in a two day in-person class to learn more about open adoption, birth families, and what it means to parent an adopted child.  Additionally, we continue to have access to speakers and classes to help prepare us for parenthood.  We know that even after we adopt, CHLSS will be around to continue to support us.
  • Connection– As we’ve worked with CHLSS, we’ve had an awesome adoption case worker, Jennifer (, who has met with us for almost 15 hours to learn more about us and to understand who we will be as parents.  We know that once we’ve been matched with a birth family that Jennifer and the team at CHLSS will help us to create a healthy and sustainable open adoption plan for us and the birth parents to best support our child.

We’re so excited about adding a baby to our family through adoption and we know that with CHLSS we’re in good hands to make a good connection and to be supported in and through our adoption.

Are you or someone you know pregnant and looking to make an adoption plan for your child?  Check out

Want to know more about Lutheran Social Services/Children’s Home Society and their values?  Check out

Gretchen, Jill, and Petunia in front of a waterfall.
Gretchen, Jill, and Petunia adventuring!

As always, thanks for your love and support,

Gretchen (and Jill)

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